House Rules

No hard and fast house-rules as yet – these are just general ideas I’ve had while theorycrafting for the game.

Skill Challenges – we will be using the Obsidian Skill Challenge set of rules (nothing too complicated, don’t worry) and I’ll explain how those work when the time comes. Rest assured though, it’ll be well worth having a good spread of skills in the party.

Orb wizards – will be toned down so they’re not making it impossible to pass saving throws if built a certain way.

Players Handbook 2 weapon expertise feats – will be built into characters so you don’t have to take the no-brainer feat that’s only been included to make the maths work better.

Basic attacks – for hand-to-hand specialist characters (anyone who has any business fighting up close, not wizards for example) can use their primary fighting stat to calculate basic attacks. For instance, a rogue can use his dexterity instead of his strength to do Opportunity Attacks.

House Rules

Drachwald Gort