Campaign Overview

Drachwald will be running over the summer holidays. I’m currently trying to get characters from everyone so I can design the world around them somewhat.

The campaign setting is going to be a bit like Transylvania – vampire, werewolves and other nasties roam the forests or haunt great castles overlooking the landscape, the peasants are fearful, superstitious and wary of strangers, and there is no shortage of evil to smite.

Local Area Background

Two hundred years ago, riverfolk from a human gypsy tribe settled to form a town on the Olt river. As the gypsies cleared the land for farming and sent out lumberjacks, they ended up fighting the Pack. A long bloody feud ensued, with neither side gaining victory. After ten years of endless struggle an uneasy peace was arrived at. In the years that followed, the Pack schismed into two opposing factions – the Old Pack, who drew closer to the humans and began to live with them in peace, and the Fang, who felt that the war should be carried on using any means necessary.

Party Hook

The townsfolk are shocked when Lord Kolkov is found murdered on the road out of town, his footmen slaughtered by some kind of clawed beast, his carriage lying in the ditch at the side of the road. The peasants are out for blood, and tensions and suspicions are high between them and the Pack. The new Lord Boris Kolkov arrives from the capital to inspect his inheritance, bringing with him his henchmen. He charges them with finding out the truth behind his father’s murder and bringing order to the situation.

Campaign Assumptions

Everyone’s a bit Slavic. It’s always full moon. The night is about 18 hours long. Daytime is about 6 hours, and is a bit murky. Vegetation is grim and twisted in general. Lots of forests, mountains, and castles on big rocks with winding roads up to them. Storms are frequent, especially in times of drama. There’s no large organised religion – people are generally superstitious and polytheistic, giving thanks to whatever god is relevant at the time.


Wars of the Roses technology level – generally no platemail around, more likely to be cavalier armour. Guns exist, no rules really given for them, but we can work out a flavour for them if someone wants to carry a pistol. Nobody should base a character on being a musketeer or something because guns are too slow and inaccurate to be heroic.

Common Monsters

Natural predators and their larger more vicious counterparts, undead such as vampires, magical beasts like werewolves. Monstrous creatures like trolls, gnolls, giants and the like are also fairly common.

Character Suggestions By Power Source

Arcane: Bards would fit well in the setting, though more “civilised” types like wizards might be from out of town, or strange types who live in huts in the woods and are feared by the locals for their odd ways.

Divine: I don’t really want any major established religion – people are more superstitious and folksy. Monotheistic divine characters might be from out of town, or sent on a mission for one reason or another.

Primal: All classes fit well, and could be nomadic or gypsies.

Martial: Probably more civilised, likely to be from the town, possibly guardsmen or sent from the lord to secure the area or report back about it.


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